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About this course

Stressed about college? Join Fiveable and Pam Andrews from The Scholarship Shark as we navigate through the College Admissions process! This 7 week mini-course will set you up for success on your college applications and essays.

Preparing for college may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With close to 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, knowing how to choose a college can be achieved. By answering questions about yourself, you will go on a self-discovery journey that will map out your next steps and put you on the path to success. If you're excited to learn more about the college admissions process, join Pam Andrews in this course! This course is ideal for the student who needs last-minute help as well as those just getting started.

Topics include:

1. Exploring Your Interests

2. Discovering Your Major

3. Creating a College-prep Timeline

4. Tackling the Tests

5. The College Search

6. Applying to College

7. Financial aid, scholarships, and tuition

What you'll get

Learn how to navigate the college admissions process with a community of your peers

  • Weekly Live Stream with Pam Andrews, the Scholarship Shark!

  • Weekly office hours with a TA who has gone through the college admissions process

  • A group of peers who are going through the process with you

  • Tips and tricks from Pam, a seasoned expert

  • A plan of attack for applying to college!

About Pam Andrews

The Scholarship Shark

Pam Andrews is a College Admissions Consultant with The Scholarship Shark, LLC. She teaches high school students how to get into their dream college and secure scholarships that will pay for it. She is the host of The Scholarship Shark Podcast, an author of several books on college admissions, and the creator of In Pursuit of College boardgame. She has earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and a certificate in College Advising from Columbia University Teachers College. Pam has been married for over twenty-six years and is a mother to four children ranging from elementary school to college graduate. Pam is known for helping her son win over $700,000 in scholarship money that paid for his undergraduate and graduate school. More importantly, she has helped her clients win over $1,000,000 in scholarships.


  • Is this really free?

    Yes, this is a completely free college admissions course! We know it's an already stressful (and sometimes expensive) process. We just want to make sure you're heading into your junior/senior year with a clear plan and outlook for your future.

  • How will I access the live streams?

    The zoom links will be emailed to you each week and will be available in your course content dashboard.

  • Will the live streams be recorded?

    Yes! If you can't attend a stream, no worries. We got you covered! Replays are typically uploaded within 24 hours and will be available in your weekly course content area.

  • Will this course have a TA, office hours, and a Reader like other courses?

    The course will have a TA who will hold office hours! There is no reader for this course because there's nothing to give formal feedback about. You'll also have access to a Slack channel of your peers, who can provide additional feedback and even emotional support!