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About Robby May

Robby May, a Nationally Board Certified social studies facilitator of learning experiences at Fort Hill High School in Cumberland, Maryland, teaches AP US Government & Politics, AP Modern World History, AP US History, Historical Research Methods I/II, and WWII & Holocaust Studies. He works to open the eyes and hearts of his students in rural Appalachia to the peoples around the world, who share more commonalities than differences with them. He is most passionate about bringing the stories of those who are often ignored to the forefront in his classes, such as the LGBTQ+ community, Native Americans, minorities, women, and other historically marginalized groups. As a facilitator of learning experiences, he is fervently dedicated to fighting for social justice and being a co-learner with his students in order to help them become change-agents in the world. He also serves as an Adjunct Lecturer in the College of Education at Frostburg State University. 

In addition, Robby serves as a volunteer paramedic and EMS Captain with the Corriganville Volunteer Fire Company. He also serves as an EMS and Instructor Trainer for the University of Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, primarily teaching pre-hospital emergency medicine as well as writing curriculum for the university. 

Robby holds a certificate in Paramedicine from Hagerstown Community College, Bachelors of Science degree in Social Science Secondary Education from Frostburg State University, and a Masters of Science degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Drexel University. He is currently an Ed.D. candidate at Frostburg State University studying Curricular and Instructional Leadership.

Sample Week Curriculum

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Fiveable Courses FAQ

AP Government and Politics Support and Questions

  • Does the course include AP Government tutoring?

    There's 1-on-1 support from TAs, essay & writing help from exam readers, and a 24/7 live chat community for peer-to-peer tutoring.

  • How much does it cost to take AP Government online?

    Enrollment is $55 for each 15-week online course.

  • How do I enroll in an AP Government course online?

    Enroll through the buttons on this page and save your spot. You can also choose a monthly payment plan when you click "enroll."

  • Is Fiveable good for AP Government?

    For 3 years in a row, Fiveable students have reported a pass rate of over 90% on their exams.

  • What is the teacher's classroom experience with AP Government?

    From Robby: "I've taught this course for almost 10 years. I teach in a rural, high-poverty high school with open enrollment for AP courses and my pass rate on the AP US Government test is near 90%. I also have significant experience working in government, both in the Maryland General Assembly, for the governor of Maryland, and at the White House for President Obama."

  • What is their experience with remote learning and online classes?

    From Robby: "I've lead livestreams with Fiveable for a year in AP US Government & Politics, AP US History, and AP World History: Modern. In addition, for the last five years, I have utilized both Canvas and Schoology to teach my AP courses in a blended format utilizing flipped instruction."

  • What advice does the teacher have for homeschool and self study students?

    From Robby: "Create your own unique, quiet study space. Set a schedule and stick to it. Work hard and don't hesitate to ask questions and reach out to your teacher if you need help."

  • Is taking AP Government worth it?

    From Robby: "This is a tumultuous and unpredictable time period we are living in. It's okay if life feels crazy right now, because it does for all of us. As your teacher, I'm committed to doing everything I can to prepare you for the AP exam including preparing meaningful activities for you, working on your writing skills, and facilitating interactive livestreams with you. Most importantly, I want to open the world of our government and politics to you so that you can see not only how it works, but so that you can see where you fit in to the great work that is our American Republican. You have great power my friend, and with that comes great responsibility!"

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