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AP Music Theory Questions

  • What advice do you have for homeschool and self study students?

    Prepare yourself the best you can by asking questions and exploring resources available to you through Fiveable, Advance Placement College Board Programs, and video platforms like YouTube.

  • For students who haven't decided whether taking this course online is worth it, what would you say to them?

    This decision is difficult, but this is a fun subject, especially if you love music. Your teacher, TAs, and other students will be with you throughout the course to guide you and collaborate so you are successful on your AP Course. AP Music Theory is a very personalized course, some of us will be at different levels, and that is ok!

  • How hard will this class be and what can students expect from the workload?

    AP Music Theory workload will be based on the content. At first while we explore the basis of music, it will seem very easy. The level of rigor is going to increase as we dive into more Theory. Most of this work is for independent processing of information and we will go over every meeting.

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