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🎒  weekly 60-minute live lecture + recordings

🎒   study guides for every unit 

🎒   essay feedback from real exam readers

🎒   projects and practice assignments  

🎒  office hours led by student TAs 

🎒   24/7 chat plus active community of support

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AP English Literature Open House

Fall 2020

Online Instructor Bio

Maggie Bykowski

Maggie is a recently married reader, teacher, rock climber, gardener, bread baker, and lover of blankets, pizza, and trees. She doesn't have time for olives or patience for willful ignorance and intentional unkindness. She earned her MA from Middlebury's Bread Loaf School of English in 2018, and loves the green mountains of Vermont much more than the humidity where she lives.

Ask the AP Literature & Composition Teacher

Maggie Bykowski

  • Does the course include AP English Lit tutoring?

    There's 1-on-1 support from TAs, essay & writing help from exam readers, and a 24/7 live chat community for peer-to-peer tutoring.

  • How much does it cost to take AP English Lit online?

    Enrollment is $55 for each 15-week online course.

  • How to enroll in an AP English Lit course online?

    Enroll through the buttons on this page and save your spot. You can also choose a monthly payment plan when you click "enroll."

  • Is Fiveable good for AP English Lit?

    For 3 years in a row, Fiveable students have reported a pass rate of over 90% on their exams

  • Describe your classroom experience with teaching AP Literature.

    I have 8 years of experience teaching literature, creative writing, and speech at almost every secondary grade level. In the classroom, my students are often on their feet and moving around, developing and expressing their ideas, and making their thinking visible.

  • What is your experience with remote learning and online classes?

    I've been a remote learner, and felt that it was difficult to learn without a community around me. I love independent learning, but I crave opportunities to share and discuss ideas with others. Those experiences directly informed my own teaching practice in a remote setting this past Spring. A lot of my time and energy were focused on continuing (and sometimes re-establishing) learning communities through online platforms.

  • What advice do you have for homeschool and self study students?

    Read, read, read as much as possible. Then sit with the reading, and read some more. Find some humans with whom you can discuss the reading and thinking you're doing. Rinse. Repeat. Success in an AP Literature course (or in any class, really) often comes from a strong foundation of intentional deep thinking and personal engagement with the texts presented to you. If that kind of intentionality become part of your regular reading routine, you'll eventually start to internalize it. That's not only good from an AP perspective --- that's a life skill.

  • For students who haven't decided whether taking this course online is worth it, what would you say to them?

    If you think, for even a fraction of a moment, that you need more practice, you're probably right. And the opportunity to get that practice is readily available right here, with Fiveable.

  • How hard will this class be and what can students expect from the workload?

    The difficulty level of this class is somewhat dependent upon the student. If they fully engage with the activities, resources, and Fiveable community, they can expect to be substantially better prepared than they would be if they had tried to go it alone.

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