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AP Comp Gov Curriculum

Sneak Preview: Week at a Glance

Sean Jacobsen

Online Instructor Bio

Sean Jacobsen is a teacher in the New York City Public School system. This is his 13th year teaching. He has taught AP US Government for 11 years, AP Human Geography for 3 years, AP US History for 1 year and AP Comparative Government for 7 years. He's the creator of the AP Comparative Government group for teachers around the world.

Ask the AP Comp Gov & Politics Teacher

Sean Jacobsen

  • Does the course include AP Comp Gov tutoring?

    There's 1-on-1 support from TAs, essay & writing help from exam readers, and a 24/7 live chat community for peer-to-peer tutoring.

  • How to enroll in an AP Comp Gov course online?

    Enroll through the buttons on this page and save your spot. You can also choose a monthly payment plan when you click "enroll."

  • How much does it cost to take AP Comp Gov online?

    Enrollment is $55 for each 15-week online course.

  • Describe your classroom experience with teaching AP Comp Gov.

    As a teacher who thrives on current events, AP Comparative Government is the perfect class to weave the governments of the AP6 (the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, and Mexico) with their current events, which have effects on governance around the world. Most students look for connection and pertinence in what they are learning in school and AP Comparative Government is truly, in my mind, the perfect class for that!

  • What is your experience with remote learning and online classes?

    I have taught English as a Second Language to students in Peru since April 2019. I also taught English as a Second Language to students in Japan, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras and China in the summer of 2020. When AP Comparative Government went to remote learning in March 2020, I took it as an opportunity to bring in experts that normally would not have been able to come to my class. We had 8 Members of Parliament of the UK, experts on Iran, members of the Iranian government, a Member of the Senate of the Republic, representatives from Freedom House and many more. This was an opportunity to grow as well as change the fundamental day in school. I enjoyed it more than others. I also invited my AP Comparative Facebook group of teachers and their students to these meetings. Collaboration was a huge part to success!

  • What advice do you have for homeschool and self study students?

    Challenge yourself by setting a schedule that makes sense for you. This will be difficult for a week or two, but once you start following something that you set, you will be successful. Try to get your sleep in the late night and early morning hours and wake up early if you can.

  • For students who haven't decided whether taking this course online is worth it, what would you say to them?

    AP Comparative Government is one of the rarest classes to find in most high schools. Chances are it's not offered in your district so colleges look at this class and know you challenged yourself with material above and beyond!

  • How hard will this class be and what can students expect from the workload?

    If you have little to no government background this may be difficult, because the vocabulary is all completely new to you. If you took AP US Government or Government in general, you are familiar with much of the vocabulary and the applications will be different. These six countries (the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, and Mexico) are constantly in the news and the class focuses on them in the modern era, so it is more relevant than other social studies classes.

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