Everything you need to succeed:

🎒  weekly 60-minute live lecture + recordings

🎒   study guides for every unit 

🎒   essay feedback from real exam readers

🎒   projects and practice assignments  

🎒  office hours led by student TAs 

🎒   24/7 chat plus active community of support  

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Meet the teacher and learn what to expect!

Course Week at a Glance

Week 1 Modules for AP Calculus AB

  • 01

    Week 1: Limits (Sections 1.1-1.8)

    • Week 1 Outline: Unit 1 Sections 1.1-1.8

    • Week 1 Live Session

    • Week 1 Slides: Unit 1 Sections 1.1-1.8

    • Week 1 Office Hours Information

    • Discontinuity Discussion

    • Weekly FRQ: Limits with Discontinuity

    • Other Unit 1 (Limits) Resources

Ask the AP Calculus Teacher

Meghan Dwyer

  • Does the course include AP Calc AB tutoring?

    There's 1-on-1 support from TAs, essay & writing help from exam readers, and a 24/7 live chat community for peer-to-peer tutoring.

  • How much does it cost to take AP Calc AB online?

    Enrollment is $55 for each 15-week online course.

  • Describe your classroom experience with teaching AP Calc.

    I have two years of teaching experience in AP Calculus AB and BC.

  • What is your experience with remote learning and online classes?

    I have worked with fiveable doing remote live stream sessions since August of 2019 and have been teaching full time remote classes since April of 2020! While there is always more to learn, I am trying to find the best tools to make online learning a positive experience for my students.

  • What advice do you have for homeschool and self study students?

    Expose yourself to AP problems from the college board and practice timing yourself. Once you have tried some problems, correct yourself and look for gaps in your understanding that fiveable can help you fill!

  • For students who haven't decided whether taking this course online is worth it, what would you say to them?

    This course allows for some more sturctured study for success on your AP Calculus exam to supplement your own knowledge and help your brain create more neuron pathways as you learn the intricate material! The more time and more resources you have to work with Calculus, the more successful and confident you will be on Exam day!

  • How hard will this class be and what can students expect from the workload?

    This class is meant to be another resource for you in your studies and can be taylored to the specific needs of our class. With this being a 15 week course, we will cover a lot of material each week! There will be one assignment each week to practice what we have learned, and one project each month to help you to bring together the topics we have learned throughout that month. The live streams will be for AP Calculus AB material and those students who will also be learning BC material will have that supplemented through optional materials each week that cover the BC material within that unit. Throughout the week there will be TA's available for office hours and even more time to collaborate with others on the topics. How much work you put into this class is entirely up to you, but the more you put in, the more you get out!

Online Instructor Bio

Meghan Dwyer

Meghan Dwyer is a full time high school math Teacher who got involved with the awesome fiveable community in August of 2019! It has been a pleasure to watch it grow. While teaching and math are her passion and what she loves to do most, in her spare time she loves to run, hike, kayak, or really anything else outside! She's so excited to have this opportunity to work with and get to know you all. Best of luck to you in this coming school year!


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