Everything you need to succeed:

🎒  weekly 60-minute live lecture + recordings

🎒   study guides for every unit 

🎒   essay feedback from real exam readers

🎒   projects and practice assignments  

🎒  office hours led by student TAs 

🎒   24/7 chat plus active community of support  

About Sherry Ross

Sherry Ross lives in Central Florida with her husband, two kids, three cats, one dog, 21 chickens, and lots and LOTS of art supplies. She has taught art for 27 years and enjoys painting, drawing, and photography.

Fiveable Courses FAQ

AP Art & Design Support and Questions

  • Does this course include help with creating the AP?

    There's 1-on-1 support from TAs, essay & writing help from exam readers, and a 24/7 live chat community for peer-to-peer help.

  • How much does it cost to take AP Art & Design online?

    Enrollment is $55 for each 15-week online course.

  • How do I enroll in an AP Art & Design course online?

    Enroll through the buttons on this page and save your spot. You can also choose a monthly payment plan when you click "enroll."

  • How experienced is the teacher with AP Art & Design?

    From Sherry: "I have taught art for over half my life and have spent 20 years teaching all three AP Art portfolios. I have been honored to be an AP College Board Reader for the past seven years and I spend a week each year looking at the best student artwork in the world!"

  • What is the teacher's experience with remote learning and online classes?

    From Sherry: "I'm new to online learning—like most teachers and some students, I had to dive right in this past spring. I've spent my summer trying to figure out the best way to teach art to students via distance learning and I'm really excited to get to do it."

  • What is some advice for homeschool and self study students?

    From Sherry: "Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. I always remind students to stay on top of their work, because otherwise, it will suddenly seem to snowball and then you will be overwhelmed. (Not so) Slow and steady wins the race!"

  • Is taking an AP Art course worth it?

    From Sherry: "With the redesign of AP Art and Design, many students and teachers are frustrated and don't know where to begin. Whether you are taking this course for college credit or you want to be an art major, I can help. Colleges usually accept AP Art scores and award credit for them as elective courses, which is great if you are looking for free college credit. But, it usually won't count for your core art classes unless you score really well, and then they want to do a portfolio review. So, if you are a serious art student, you NEED a great portfolio! Let me help you create your most meaningful work to submit to colleges."

  • How hard will this class be and what can students expect from the workload?

    From Sherry: "The great thing about art classes is although there is LOTS of work to create, you will hopefully love doing it. Depending on how quickly you work, your current skill level, and your desire to do the best work possible, you should count on a minimum of 5 hours of work a week, not including your 'class time.'"

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