what's included?

😍 available in 28 subjects

💎  weekly live lectures with an experienced teacher

💎  new practice prompts aligned to the exam 

💎  graded essay feedback from exam readers

💎  weekly office hours led by student TAs

💎  active community of support with live chat help

💎  optional collaborative projects

who should sign up?

👩🏼‍🏫 Students taking the course at school, but who do not feel prepared for May.

🎒 Students who want to self-study for an exam.

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Over 1 million students studied with Fiveable last year and 92% of them passed their AP exams -- almost double the national average  👀 . In collaboration with students and teachers, we've designed the first online, project-based course to democratize AP.

everyone is invited

completely open access

  • No pre-requisites. Take what you want, when you want, without any restrictions.

  • No grades. Explore new subjects and be curious without affecting your GPA.

  • No pressure. This is a collaborative space focused on growth, not competition.

15 weeks of organized study schedules & projects

weekly assignments & feedback 🤓

Learn every unit through a dynamic mixture of live lectures, study guides, real-world projects, live chat, and lots of practice. And get essay feedback from real exam readers!
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instruction with experienced teachers

live & asynchronous 👩🏼‍🏫

Join a live streamed lecture, ask questions at office hours, or chat live with the teacher and other students anytime. You can also submit practice essays for feedback from exam readers.
live AP chat

community > self-studying

learn together 🤗

Every section is a family. Students can work together on team projects, join study groups led by TAs, chat, and create support networks to help each other get through the chaos of 2020.
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interactive projects 
to help test your mastery of skills & concepts

hone your critical thinking skills 🤝

we don’t just drill content, we show you how to apply it creatively to real-world scenarios.
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  • Will I get credit for taking the course?

    It takes years to get accredited for high school or college credit and in the chaos of COVID, we decided to just start teaching courses without offering credit. The course will not appear on your high school transcript, but you can take the AP exam in May, and if you pass, you'll earn college credits worth an average of $3k. At Fiveable, we've held a 92% pass rate for the last three years.

  • How many hours per week is each course?

    Each course has live and asynchronous components. You'll have at least one hour of live instruction from the teacher per week and another hour of live office hours with TAs who are former AP students. Beyond those two hours, most of the work happens on your time as you work through the pacing guide, collaborate with classmates, and write practice essays.

  • Who are the teachers?

    Fiveable teachers are experienced educators from across the country. They are the teachers that everyone wants to take a class with. They love their subject so much, and their passion is contagious. They are innovative and experienced with teaching AP courses. And they care deeply about every student they work with. They are your number one fans.

  • Who grades my essays?

    While the course teacher will focus on planning lessons and teaching material, there's another group of educators in the background that provides feedback on assignments. These teachers are all exam readers who have been trained by the College Board and know the rubrics inside and out. They give you feedback and send data to the teacher so upcoming lessons can be modified for student needs.

  • Who are the TAs?

    Every course has 3-5 TAs that have taken and passed the AP exam. These are current high school and college students who have recent experience with the subject and can show you the tips and tricks. They work in the chats answering questions and supporting team projects. Every TA leads live office hours each week to support subgroups of the whole cohort. TAs relay information to the teachers so that upcoming lessons can be modified.

  • Why are the courses taught in a semester?

    Although many subjects are taught over a full-year in schools, we found that the entire course can be condensed to 15 weeks when you remove the fluff. We're laser-focused on the most important concepts and we don't waste any time on busy work. In a semester model, you can get ahead in the fall or cram in the spring. Because AP exams are skill-based, you will see your grades improve even if we are studying different topics from your class.

  • How many students are in each course?

    It's kind of like college. Each course section is capped at 500 students, but the only time all 500 are together in a stream is during the live lecture. Within a section, you'll be grouped with <100 students per TA and exam reader. And you can always join even smaller study groups with other students while pinging the teacher or TA with questions.

  • Can I get a refund on a course that I purchased?

    You will have 7 days after purchasing a course to cancel and get a full refund. In order to do so, please send a message to hi@fiveable.me within the 7 day refund period, and we'll get it taken care of for you. Once the 7 day period has ended, we will not be able to refund you for a course, but you may still cancel enrollment if you wish.

  • I have more questions!

    We have answers! Email us at hi@fiveable.me.

ALMOST 1.5 million students studied with Fiveable in 2020

92% of Fiveable students passed their AP exams & saved thousands of dollars in college credits.

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